Eva, 9 y/o, designs clothes with her own imagination that do not follow trends.

Eva Kiddy Mini Model

Everything started with a little girl dream… Eva dreamed about her own brand.

Let me introduce you Eva: Eva is a 9 years old girl full of dreams, art, and curiosity that one day imagined transform her drawings into a clothing brand. Her designs are characterized by her originality and spontainety that represents the every single child innocence. So Kiddy Mini Model story began, the first clothing brand designed by a girl, whose drawing and imagination skills in her spare time had let creating this collection that envolves us in a fresh and colourful way through our unique and original print designs, without giving up market trends.
The fly of butterflies This brand new collection is the dream of every girl… “To dress like my mum”. We introduce a combination of connected designs and tissues in our clothing items that respect the daughter and mum link essence. Our brand identity is based on Eva’s drawings, our little fashion designer. Her designs are spontaneous, fresh and colourful, what makes our print are completely different to the rest of the actual market brands, firmly focused by our brand values. Kiddy Mini Model is original, fun, exclusive and 100% Made in Spain.